New Privacy Setting Changes by Facebook

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Face book said it would roll out the new controls to share private information on social networks on Thursday to give its more than 750 million users new tools to manage who can see information about them. The company plans to move a number of privacy controls that previously required navigating to a separate page settings from users’ home pages and profile pages, next to where they see and add content.'

Face book and other social networks have sometimes been criticized for design that takes users to inadvertently share information with a wider audience than they intended. Many Face book users have hundreds or thousands of friends, and some have called the company to make it easier to target smaller groups when sending information.
Chris Cox, Face book’s vice president of product development, said his company had been working on changes in the last six months, based on many years of requests from users. “It’s about making it easier to share with just anyone you want, and never be surprised by who sees anything,” he said. Users should “never be surprised by who sees something.”

Mr. Cox said that making life easier control is “crucial” on Face book’s future success, but added the changes were not taken in response to Google. “We are launching it now because it’s ready,” he said.
A Google spokesman said in a statement: “We welcome the Face book effort to give users more control over privacy, because it helps to improve the overall Web experience Google + We create a new and different approach to sharing on the Internet more As . Sharing in the real world. “
Existing users will retain their current default settings for sharing.
The first time the new Face book members share a piece of content, their standard proposal be publicly available – replace “all” attitude. If users choose an option that will be their standard in the future.
The new privacy options will begin to be rolled out across the square from Thursday 25 August.
changes of FACE BOOK:
  • In line controls – each item on a user’s wall has individual privacy options, such as public, friends and custom
  • Tag takedown – the ability to remove tags of self, ask the person who tagged you to remove it, or block the tagger
  • Universal tagging – users can tag anyone, not just Facebook friends. Other person can choose not to accept the tagged post on their profile
  • Location tagging – geographic locations can be added in all versions of Facebook, not just mobile app
  • Profile view – the option to see how others view your profile is added above the news feed


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