“Angry Anna” Online Game Hits on Net

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is true that social activist Anna Hazare is NOK to achieve victory over the fight against corruption, but the cyber world is busy circulating a game where the veteran Gandhian few politicians in an epic struggle and triumph over them casually. After clever slogans and creative posters – not to forget the bitterness of graffiti – the ongoing anti-corruption movement led by social activist Anna Hazar has inspired a free online game.

Named “Angry Anna”, it is an imitation of the popular game, Angry Birds. Uploaded Wednesday at 5:00, had instead received over 46,000 hits in the next 24 hours, says Himanshu Himthani, one of the game’s three developers.

"Angry Anna" Online Game Hits on Net
Angry Anna” was a top trend on Wednesday on the microblogging site Twitter.

The Noida-based Geek Mentors Studio has launched a game, “Angry Anna” inspired by the popular Angry Birds.
In the game, to the anger Anna and other activists wipe out corrupt politicians.

The game, which has four levels, has replaced the angry bird with animated pictures of Hazar and Ramdev and pigs have been replaced with photos of politicians.

Users can also stationed around the question of incompatibility with certain browsers and complained about the delay in reading. But if the streets could not be stopped by the blockade outside the Prime Minister’s residence, there was not much to hold back these electronic catapults.

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