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Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Ratan Tata, Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani, 27-storey house in Mumbai, Antilla, lack of empathy for the poor Indians is described as a rich Voldemort. In the issue India's Tata also told the Times: The person who lives what he sees around him and asking that he can make a difference if he should be worried about is not sorry

This last week, Mukesh Ambani, a big jump in the stock market, thanks to the title in the world ÄúRichest M, Au is sad, but it was a mistake for him after a day was handed.

But Ambani is how wealthy AOS estimated in the range of $ 50 billion, the rest of the world, AOS ranking top-5's richest men.

I know we all Trump, AOS apartment in New York gold in laid above so, but this guy is in another league altogether. I'm sure the American public's reaction would be interesting to see if anyone has this wonderful home. But the grinding poverty in India, as a private house into a structure like this seem to be very insensitive at best.
should play in their actions.

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