How to Impress a Girl???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
How to Impress a Girl

Keeping the fires burning in a relationship takes a lot of work after the crazy excitement starts to settle down, so knowing how to impress a girl you love takes on a completely different turn at this point in your relationship.

We've all been there, where everything she does is so beautiful and she thinks the same of you, but then the inevitable happens; touching her in any way becomes familiar and not-so-exciting (this is completely normal and expected), and at some point the word commitment means so much more if you want to keep the relationship going.
It is at this point that an intelligent woman will ask herself questions such as, "Does he have any depth besides his good looks and/or charm? Can I picture myself in a lifelong relationship with him? I still love him very much, but why am I not as crazy in love as I used to be with him, and will my feelings for him fade down the road?"

These are all valid questions for anyone in a relationship and if you go into any relationship inexperienced and with false expectations, you are doomed to fail in that relationship. You know the old saying that men can't stay with only one woman for too long because they are simply dogs and when they get tired of one they'll move on to the next one. Well, I have news for you! Women go through the same feelings you do. they get tired in a relationship after a while when it becomes the same ol' routine day in and day out. To top it off, when you become intimate she doesn't feel that incredible excitement anymore just like you.

So, if she's a "keeper" and you truly love her, the challenge becomes how to impress her to the point where she will stay with you forever.

Here's what to remember:

Talk to her about not having false expectations and that although you understand it's a part of life for that unbelievable sexual feeling to fade a little in the future, that you are committed to her and stress to her that you can't possibly imagine yourself not enjoying intimacy with her in the future.

Stress the greatest parts of your relationship with her such as the feeling of how connected you are to her mentally, spiritually, and physically, and that you will never betray her love. Most women want and crave that feeling of security in a relationship and want a man who will not only remain true to her, but to himself. They see a man who has to go out looking for someone else and cheat is insecure himself and will never be able to make them happy. So at all costs, make sure you give her the impression that you don't have any complexes or hangups and that she is the only one you have an eye for. This means; respect her while you're walking down a crowded avenue among other beautiful girls by no obviously looking at them or making some lame comment to get her jealous!

When it comes to how to impress a girl in virtually any area, make her feel like she's everything to you and no one else can come between the both of you!

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