Sexy Deepika Padukone Return in glamourous with DESI BOYZ

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deepika Padukone has been a non-glam NOK to play a series of films. So when Prakash Jha, Ashutosh Gowariker and Pradeep Sarkar told her to turn plain Jane for their respective films, Deepika did not protest, and taken on its own, plain salwar suits, sarees and also according to the T-shirts to keep makeup minimal. Even BREAK KE Baad that was set up in Mauritius, director of the Danish Aslam wanted him to play The Girl Next Door is a designer outfit, was out of the question.

But nothing is as Desi Boyz with Deepika is back to her glamorous best. After intentionally staying away from make-up kit with its AARAKSHAN, KHELEIN JEE HUM Jaan sey and LAFANGEY PARINDEY Deepika has sent an SOS style of his team and decided that he would only release an ultra-glam Desi Boyz winter of his personality.

"Deepika doing everything possible to excel in Akshay Kumar, John Abraham Starr," her friend continued: "Since the film is set in London, not Deepika not want to look out of place. The film belongs to the genre, which is perfect for business and eyes are cool. The course of shooting his film, he called his stylist, costume designer, make-up staff and hair stylists to make their ultra-glam look, he hit the gym hard look in the best shape and make heads turn, he knows that before this year to be closed; .. Desi Boyz is one of the film, presenting it in a different light. "

Deepika admits that he has been assured Desi Boyz make-over. "Desi Boyz requires me to play the glamorous, and I have made it possible to make sure I look my best," says Deepika who would be by to see if the grinder until AARAKSHAN Desi Boyz in the winter.

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